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Training Center Information

CGMS offers two tiers of training. Full Certificate students attend a residential Montessori training program in addition to their distance learning component. Primary (Early Childhood) level students spend 3 weeks in one summer session. There are two summer sessions for Elementary students.

If you run a high quality training center and are interested in partnering with CGMS, please contact us. We are always interested in partnering with new providers of authentic Montessori education.

Foreign Training Centers

Students from anywhere in the world are welcome to enroll directly in any of the CGMS certificate programs. We are also working to develop partner training programs in many countries. If you are in India or South Africa, you may be interested in looking at our list of international training center partners.

Associate Certificate Students

If you are uninterested or unable to attend our three-week residential training program, you may still obtain training online directly from CGMS. You may Enroll for Montessori Training here.

Full Certificate Montessori Online Training Centers

CGMS believes that the highest value training program combines a residency with our high quality online training. In a three week summer session, students will collaborate to foster spirtual transformation, group cohesion and to cover specific topics in more depth.

CGMS currently offers the Full Certificate residency in the following US locations:

Early Childhood Program

  • Kingston, New York – MACTE Accredited
  • Sarasota, Florida – MACTE Accredited
  • Indianapolis, Indiana – MACTE Accredited


Elementary Programs

  • Kingston, New York – MACTE Accredited
  • Sarasota ,Florida – MACTE Accredited
  • Indianapolis, Indiana – MACTE Accredited


We provide the MACTE accreditation information in order to disclose fully the status of our various programs. While we cannot guarantee receiving MACTE recognition for all of our programs, CGMS is committed to trying to achieve it for every certificate program we offer.

For dates and pricing, please click here.

For more information, or to apply for one of these sessions, please click here, or email us at info@guidedstudies.com

CGMS is working to develop training center partners throughout the world. Please visit our list to see the partnerships already in place, or contact us if you would like to explore the creation of a new partnership with CGMS.