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Accreditation Information

What are the organizations that accredit CGMS?

Not all of our programs are accredited, but those that are have received accreditation from one or both of the International Montessori Council (IMC), or the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). At the bottom of this page you will see a precise list of which of our programs have received accreditation from which organizations.

Is your organization accredited by AMS?

No, CGMS is affiliated with another organization, the IMC. More on the IMC may be found below. However, AMS does recognize our MACTE certified teachers as eligible to lead classrooms. Schools may be eligible for Full AMS Accreditation if they employe MACTE-certified teachers, as long as 50% of the teachers and the head of school maintain an AMS membership. In North America most schools look for MACTE-certified teachers, though there are some which prefer either AMI or AMS trained teachers.

What is MACTE?

The Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) is recognized by the US Department of Education (USDOE) as the accrediting agency of Montessori Teacher Education programs. MACTE accredits Montessori training programs that meet specific standards, which MACTE calls the Essential Standards and Criteria (ESC). These standards were developed in consensus with the major professional Montessori societies. Many US and Canadian Montessori schools require their teachers to hold certificate from a MACTE accredited Teacher Education Program.

Address: 108 Second St. S.W. Suite 7, Charlottesville, Virginia   22901
Phone : (434) 202-7793
Fax : (888) 535-8838
Email : info@MACTE.org

What is the IMC?

The International Montessori Council (IMC) is a world-wide umbrella organization of Montessori schools and the persons who lead them, own them, or serve on their boards. A non-profit organization that provides information and support to schools and educators, the IMC guidelines call for their recognized teacher education programs to meet and exceed the standards of national accreditation organizations for Montessori education. All IMC programs in North America are required to seek MACTE accreditation.

Address: 19600 E State Road 64, Bradenton, FL 34212-8921
Phone : (941) 729-9565
Fax : (941) 745-3111
Email : info@montessori.org

Accreditation Details

None of professional development courses run by the Center for Guided Montessori Studies are accredited by any agency. No Associate Certificates are MACTE accredited.

All teacher certification programs offered by CGMS are recognized by IMC. The following clarifies which programs have obtained MACTE accreditation as of November 2009.


The following programs have received MACTE accreditation.

Primary Full Certification Program, Indianapolis, IN
Primary Full Certification Program, Kingston, NY – MACTE Accredited
Primary Full Certification Program, Sarasota, FL – MACTE Accredited
Elementary Full Certification Program, Indianapolis, IN
Elementary Full Certification Program, Kingston, NY
Elementary Full Certification Program, Sarasota, FL


We have submitted applications to MACTE to accredit the following locations. When we receive accreditation, all current students at that location will be likewise accredited.

Primary Full Certification Program, Glen Spey, NY
Elementary Full Certification Program, Glen Spey, NY
Primary Full Certification Program, Houma, LA
Elementary Full Certification Program, Houma, LA


We have not, nor do we expect to apply for MACTE accreditation for the following programs.

Primary associate Certification program
Elementary asssociate Certification program
Professional Development Courses – Neither IMC recognized nor MACTE Accredited